Sunday, 10 February 2013


Lately my insomnia has come back with a passion. To sleep I need to take enough Xanax to knock myself out. Sleeping pills won't touch it, so after the twins go off to school for the day Dad goes back to sleep if he's  lucky. If not, he yawns, moves slowly through the day and deals with a semi-depression state from lack of energy. Not even enough get up and go to watch a movie. 

Other than that, life is good. I'm eagerly awaiting March 26th, when the new Depeche Mode album is do out. Its also the date of the much awaited David Bowie record. This will be interesting. 

Depeche Mode-"Heaven'

Word on the street is that this single is not representative of the album. This is a shame. I really like Heaven. It also captures the theme of the album title "Delta Machine".  

We'll see soon enough. This is the second cut as played back in October. 

Depeche Mode-"Angel"

As a fan of blues fusion from Elvis to Simon and now the SoulSavers this is specifically what I want to hear. When I hear the world Delta in an album title that is exactly what I expect in the music too.

Paul Simon-"Graceland"
Notice the first line.

Now back to my insomnia, a lot has been going on with some dear friends and I'm sure this has been an influence. Two friends of mine are second generation HD at-risk. Their father had the gene with out any prior     family history. Stella tested positive last year, and like me suffers from near debilitating mental symptoms including depression and agoraphobia. Her sister Jan just was tested last month. She tested negative for the HD gene. 

Another friend who also only learned a couple years ago that HD is in her family is also now feeling a need to get tested as her anxiety and depression are worsening, these were also her mother's first symptoms. She can barely leave her room,when medicated. I want to be there for her during the testing process but I just don't have it in me right now. She understands, I can't say I would.

Elton John-"Circle of Life"

A fourth friend is waiting for test results himself. He had a malignant tumor removed four years ago. It now has  spread. He is awaiting the results of his bone scan. If it has moved there, his plans are to enter hospice care. He's allergic to the primary medication to treat this cancer.

This song goes out to him, he knows why.

Elton John-"Pinball Wizard"

So hear I am listening to to BBC 6 Music weekend, getting ready to watch an action movie or documentary. Maybe the documentary will help me sleep? However if I can't sleep the action film will keep me entertained.

Action film followed by documentary it will be. 

Goodnite now,


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