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After spending my childhood in Leicester, in my preteens I moved to Sheffield which is where most of my memories are. In my mid-twenties I moved to Santa Barbara, CA USA to follow my girlfriend who had been transferred by her company to the States. I fell in love with the area, and outside of visiting Sheffield on holiday I've remained in the Santa Barbara area ever since.

While a teenager, my mother began to suffer from the emotional distress that is caused by Huntington's disease. This included depression and anxiety. When I was sixteen she took her life. 

When in my late twenties I began to suffer from depression and anxiety myself. A decade later I was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease. 

After an eight year romance, I married Jane, the love of my life. We eloped in December 2011 and we will have a formal wedding ceremony in the spring.

Also in 2011 I had the genetic test which wasn't performed properly. In early 2012 I had it performed again with the proper secondary test. I am still waiting for those results. I will receive them in early February  

My wife and I are currently in the process of having a child using the PGD/IFV (Pre-Genetic Diagnosis/In-vitro Fertilization) method. This will ensure our child will not be born with the Huntington's Disease gene.

This fatal genetic disease will end with me.

My favorite bands are The Human League, Sparks, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

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  1. Do any relatives have Huntington's disease? Have you or other relatives had presymptomatic testing?

    huntingtons disease