Friday, 25 May 2012

Just Try

Hello, long time no see. The kids are keeping me busy during the afternoon and evenings. During the day I spend it keeping the house clean, preparing dinner and generally taking care of myself. I need to find a happy medium for blog time as well. Everything else has seemed to find its niche.

Culture Club - "Time (Clock Of The Heart)"

DJ was invited to sing at his vocal coach's recital in September. We are all very excited for him. She admitted that its not her practice to have first year students perform but she thinks he'll shine. The Ware house is very excited for him. Especially his sister Sasha who has been bragging to anyone and everyone who will listen.

We were actually a bit concerned about how Sasha would deal with all this attention on her brother. So far she's handling it well. 

To think it all started with Uncle Paul playing this song:
Depeche Mode - "Condemnation"

We may have discovered her talent. She had expressed interest in ice skating but with the nearest rink an hour away we didn't know how interested she really was. It now appears her father would drop her off with her coach two days a week near Los Angeles while he worked in the afternoons. Then he'd watch her for an hour practicing. She had been skating in pairs with a seven year old boy. She never volunteered that Dahy had dropped her off at the rink until last week when I pushed her after she told me again she liked to skate. This time I asked her when she'd gone, and she replied "all the time". I asked a few more probing questions and it all came out. Finally when told her that I had no idea she told me since I was good friends with her Daddy she assumed I'd known. That's when I had the first Paul-is-not-a-mind-reader speech. 

Falco - "Rock Me Amadeus (Original Single Version)"

After some well placed phone calls, I was able to get through to her pairs coach. She had wondered why Sasha had stopped coming so suddenly, and why her mother never returned her calls after her missed lessons. I explained that Sasha had been with her father his last week, and soon after staying with us. Sasha's partner had already moved on to train with another girl. She's not working out well with him, and his mother said she'd much prefer to start him up with Sasha again. Now if we can only get her custom skates from her former home, that would be a blessing. If not, we'll take the money for her new skates from the estate her father left her. She had just finished breaking in her last pair, though, so we want to avoid that if possible. In the meantime I renewed her annual Figure Skating Club membership card so she will be able to test when she is ready.

Sasha's coach had expressed real sadness over Dahy's death. He had left a very favourable impression on her. Not just as a skating parent as a person in general. 

West Side Story - "America"

The move looks like it will probably be a "go". A woman Jane knows from work wants a smaller house and with three children we need a bigger one. The plan is for us to pay the difference with a loan from her parents and then tie our mortgage onto the new property. The appraisers came earlier this week, and Monday we have an appointment to have the bank go over our new property.

Billy Idol - "Mony Mony (Live)"

Also on the horizon early next month is our visit to Corrine, their grandmother, who lives in West Belfast. She is a bit frightened only having flown twice (the first time was to meet Jane and see Dahy) so she'll be flying back with us and staying for a few weeks in the summer.  I've already starting cleaning out my library to convert it back to a bedroom for her stay. On top of all this, Corrine has already offered to come out when Baby Ware is born to help raise the twins while Jane and I adjust to him/her. Talk about a blessing in disguise. If this June works out well, we may take her up on the offer. 

Soulsavers - "Just Try"

My current favourite Soulsavers song. I know that I've been pounding them down your throat but I haven't heard an album as good as "The Light the Dead See"  in several years. It also came out at a time in my life when I am also spending a lot of time looking at my own spirituality. The great thing about this album is that it isn't so much as in belief in God, but is simply about a search for "God, as you understand him." If you recognize that last phrase, you will probably get quite a bit from this album. I believe that's why I can't stop playing it, the music feels as if its about my journey as well.

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