Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Monday

I hope this blog post finds you well. This year for Easter I actually had plans. My children's First Confession was that morning, their Palm Sunday and our Easter.

Ted Neeley-"Gethsemane"

Their father had bought the outfits for them to wear during his last night at home. He hung up the clothes, gave each of his kids a kiss and went off to work. Somewhere in there he managed to drop a note into each of their pockets.

My wife was getting their clothes ready when she found the piece of paper in DJ's pocket. She opened it, read it, put it back and started sobbing. Its been that kind of weekend.

OMD-"If You Leave"

It was a nice day. It may sound sad, but its really not. Its been a time of healing. We are starting to enjoy each other's company and feel like a family. In fact, Easter afternoon we were invited to a friend's house for a BBQ. This is the first time all four of us were invited to do something together.

Somehow last night before this happened I was listening to music when this song came on. DJ fell in love right away, so to not include it would be a crime.

Paul McCartney-"Put It There"

After a while I sat near the stereo and played Music For the Masses followed by Songs of Faith and Devotion. Jane asked me several times to turn it off before the kids started singing Strangelove at school. I thought she was over reacting until this morning. I heard DJ sing "Common Nation" while getting dressed. Its a good thing I put those headphones on before he learned a worse set of words.

DJ has the most beautiful voice. This is the first time I ever heard it. He is the more quiet of the twins, so it was a shock for him to open up by singing as he did. Music runs in that family. I hope he chooses to do something with it.

Jane agrees with me, and we have decided to consider voice lessons. At the least it hopefully will give him an outlet to release his feelings. It couldn't hurt, could it? It might even help him crawl out of his shell a little.

Sasha on the other hand has been very willing to say what is on her mind. As I went in to read them a story last night she just looked up at me and told me she misses her Daddy. I told her that I did too, and we talked about him back and forth, sharing stories. 

Depeche Mode (Devotional Tour)-"Condemnation"

Finally, my friend Stella is going to Brattleboro Retreat tomorrow for help with her depression. Stella was recently diagnosed with Huntington's Disease after her positive HD gene test last year. She is understandably nervous about her stay there and I will be keeping her in my thoughts. I'd appreciate it if you would do the same.

So Stella, this song is going out to you.

The Beatles-"Baby, You're a Rich Man"

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  1. You are so amazing. I have tears in my eyes. Maybe it's because you talked about someone I love so much. Maybe it's because you put some excellent songs on there (I loved "put it there" when I was a kid and it reminds me of my dad) and I loved "baby you're a rich man". How spot on are you? Maybe it is that he left notes for them, or that I can see Jane's heart break again when she found the notes. Maybe it's because you and Sasha shared stories about their dad... Or that you and Jane think like a family... Or maybe it was the paragraph about DM, which I read out loud to Captain Awesome and had to explain that those were DM albums. :) anyway, I loved it. I am so proud of you and Jane.