Friday, 12 October 2012


First, my wife Jane and I wanted to announce the birth of our child, David Daniel Ware. 

That's right, "Baby Ware" was born on 27 September 2012

John Denver-"Follow Me"

It was our good friends Stella and Jan over at HDTrainwreck who broke the news to the blogsphere. To two very good friends of ours, great scoop!

So in some of the worst taste I've ever exhibited here (especially considering how much Jane dislikes not only their music but local Martin L. Gore in particular):

Depeche Mode-"Black Celebration (Live at Wembley 1986)"

A few quick notes:

We had a friend who was homeless for two and a half months. She now is sharing a house with two other sober women. Who says good people are always punished? I'm so happy as her new home is much nicer than her old one where she was being emotionally abused.

In the meantime we saw the best of humanity come out. Jane took her out to have her hair done and helped spend some girl time with her. Another friend helped her keep her telephone service. Finally, a male acquaintance took her out to shop for some clothing to make her feel better about herself. Several other friends donated their living rooms, floors and any other space while she waited to get into the shelter. She even spent a couple days in our crowded house, not minding that every time one of us breathed we nearly kicked her we were so overflowed.

 Bananarama - "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

So you may be wondering why I disappeared for so long. It has everything and nothing to do with Huntington's Disease. Like many people with HD, I am a creature of habit. Between the move, my sister's gene positive HD test result, David's birth, Dan's move into our home for a short period of time and the lack of internet for a couple of weeks, my habits were basically broken into five easy pieces. It is taking me all this time to start to get back into my old habits. Even now, it has taken me three days before I got enough written to even post my first video here.

Elton John-"Circle of Life"

This song is a shout out to Dahy's mother Corrine who has relocated from Belfast to help Jane in her last months of pregnancy. She was so happy to have had the chance to see her grandson DJ sing in his recital. It went off without a hitch in spite of his large cheering section. 

Its great to be back, now if I can keep in the habit of coming here on a regular basis I will be happy.

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