Thursday, 1 March 2012

Exhausted pg 2

Harry Chapin-"Taxi"
"Baby's so high that shes skying,/
yeah she's flying afraid to fall/
I'll tell you why Baby's crying/cuz' she's dying arent we all".

So here we are still at the medical facility. Sitting and waiting, and waiting to sit. Things calm down just long enough where sleep comes and then someone in the room will shift and everyone wakes up. Once we were able to bring in a xerox of Dahy's driving licence to compare the signature against his advance directive things changed drastically. Unused machines were physically removed in some cases, for larger pieces they were simply moved. I have learned more about "no pressures" and "DNI's" than I ever thought possible. 

I've learned how easy it is to have a chemically induced cardiac event and how truly painful they can be. I've learned some doctor's fear giving medications out on the slim chance the resulting cardiac condition will be aggravated, or that medications we take daily like decongestants raise the blood pressure. That last lesson I learned after he vomited twice after coughing so strongly, yet still refusing the morphine. The doctor finally called in a steroid so he could sleep. He felt the other medication options would increase his risk of a heart attack exponentially. 

I've learned that for some people it is instinctual to avoid medications and when they no longer do is the time you worry. I learned that lesson tonight when for the first time  Dahy  didn't try to move away from the morphine injection when the evening nurse told him what was in it. That was the first time I cried.

The Cars-"Drive"

Tonight I've learned that even six year children will love unconditionally when they can't be loved  back. I've learned there is such a thing as too much silence, and I need to keep my computer or telephone mp3 plugged in simply to get some sleep. Otherwise, every time Dahy misses a breathe I waken. And tonight he's been missing a lot of breathes and that's when they are strong enough to see or hear. 

Depeche Mode-"Enjoy The Silence"

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Words are spoken to be broken
Feelings are intense, words are trivial
Pleasures remain, so does their pain
Words are meaningless and forgettable

Billy Idol-"Eyes Without a Face"

Dahy taught me that male bonding isn't just those wild road trips like the one we made from Santa Barbara to Dallas because we wanted to be able to say we'd been to Texas (no other reason) but it was also the laughter of trying to prove, and succeeding, at making 12 step meetings everyday by calling ahead to Central Office just like they taught us to do. Its the promises we made to each other while in the car, that we thought we'd never have to cash in on, because we really weren't that sick. Male bonding is being there and fulfilling those promises because that's what real friends do. 

On our road trips we'd listen to Billy Idol or whatever other crazy tune would come on the radio. We did it just because we could. For those trips we were two little boys on the road. We'd stopped growing at too early an age and this was our time to safely indulge that inner child. Our extent of planning these trips was picking out a destination, throwing clothes into a suitcase the night before, and then grabbing breakfast and lunch at the mini-mart. We were wild, and we were crazy. Actually we both still are.

Godly and Creme-"Cry"

This is the first time in my life that Jane hasn't been able to comfort me. She doesn't know what I'm going through because our relationship was so strange. I've been thinking of a photograph  Dahy has on his Facebook, it was taken in January of this year, actually on the road when we drove  partway on the PCH to judge the distance for a business trip. After a horrible holiday from his health he had a temporary feeding tube placed in so he could gain some weight back. After a lot of consultation his medical team agreed and he pumped it full of everything he could at the highest dose. So in this photo he's leaning over, his glasses hanging out of his T-Shirt neck and he looked healthier than he had in several years. and that infectious smile of his says there is nothing at all was wrong and we were having an inside joke. In fact, after our rental car broke, we were waiting for a new  one but in the meantime he had snuck into the break room where he discovered a NiHi soda machine. He was in heaven.The entire time we were out spending precious time at the dealership he was as happy as a child who had just discovered pirates gold.

I don't have access to download the photo but I may ask his wife for one as it brings back so many memories to me. Off to listen to music very low and then to get that sleep. I can tell by his breathing appears to an have decreased to an shallow breathes with an uneven pattern most likely I'll to be aware of this after all. 

Good Night 

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