Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Paul is taking a short break

Hello, This is Jane Ware. You may reach me at 

Don't forget to delete nospam though or I will not receive your message.

Paul recently returned to the hospital. He is NOT in a life threatening condition at this time. Simply put, too many things fell on his plate at the same time. As soon as he is feeling better he is eager to get his emotions out through his love of music. This may be several weeks but do not worry. 

If his condition worsens, I will also update this blog. 

After this post however, i will be signing in under my blog account so there should not be confusion.

Thoughts, prayers and positive light for him, our child, and me would of course be appreciated.

Jane R. Ware

P.S. His last post was here but not published. I will be publishing it in a few minutes as i know the subject matter was very important to him. I ask you to please read it. JW

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