Thursday, 1 March 2012


Duran Duran-"The Wild Boys"

Yesterday morning I had a visit to my doctor to remove one of two chest tubes from my pneumonia. By the time I was home I was so exhausted I couldn't walk to the mailbox. Yet an hour later my wife and I were in a rental car on our way to Culver City.

This was just the beginning on an extremely stressful day. It appears that sometime around the middle of the night Saturday,  Dahy  had been released from medical detox. It must have been amicable as he left with what appears to be a prorated check from the facility. From there, he managed to enter another town without his vehicle (which was still in the original parking place when Jane and I found it yesterday night.) He deposited the check, made a sizable withdrawal at a busy ATM location and from there disappeared.

U2 featuring Johnny Cash-"The Wanderer"

Sometime within the next 48 hours he was received and admitted as a John Doe into a major medical facility outside of Los Angeles. He was not able to speak not think independently. Since he had no identification on him, the hospital did not know he was a hospice patient and he was placed in the ICU. (Some of his identifying information including his wallet (minus the cash), watch and wedding ring were located by Jane inside the Lexus. Our thinking is that Dahy thought it was safer there than wherever he went himself.) Once admitted to the facility was suffering from a few separate medical conditions including the pneumonia he had transferred to me. Yes, it had attacked his ravaged immune system again.

Joni Mitchell-"Circle Games"

Then the next evening a nurse came in that knew him from a previous lifetime ago. Specifically she recognized his face and tattoos (yes, your mother warned you to be careful what you put on your body-it does follow you for the rest of you life). To be exact she remembered small facial scar and a tattoo that had among other choice letters included the full F word. She managed an early morning call at his former employer in the Los Angeles area who as it happened had purchased the company he currently was working for on a contractual basis. They called Ms. K and notified her of her husband's positive location. Once she had determined it was him, she called Jane and I. With the twins, it would not make sense for her to come down to the area to drive him home. Against my better judgement, I agreed we would pick up Dahy and the Lexis. Big mistake.

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