Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Grand Rounds

First, I need make an apology. This entry was due to be published on the 28 February 2012. Due to technological and physical circumstances (I had finished publishing it on my phone driving down to Los Angeles) it was incorrectly saved as a draft. Another kind member alerted me to this fact and I now have the laptop to currently publish this.

Without much notice another terminally ill friend of mine had been hospitalized without knowledge. His wife and my family tracked him down and he is now with all of us as he finishes his life journey.

So off to Ground Rounds it is. I must admit I didn't expect to be reediting it with two six year old twins and my best friend all cramped into a bed, but whatever works, right?

There were so many good choices this week I'm going to start with this gem that came  across my twitter.

The Kinks-"Lola"
Note, this song was chosen because it is actually a favourite of the my female friend described below.

Gender Identity is not a Disorder by Philip Hickey, Ph.D. 

"The problem with gender identity disorder is that it makes no distinction between the child who expresses a yearning to be of the opposite gender simply because these kinds of utterances have been reinforced, and the child who has perhaps some genuine biological anomaly.  As with all DSM “diagnoses,” if you emit the behavior, you’ve got the illness.  And of course if you’ve got the illness, then you need to be treated!"

I chooce this piece because I do have a friend who had sexual reassignment surgery. He went from a very unhappy man to a very productive female member of society. Hickey does bring up important fact though about when it becomes a disorder for small children to begin hormone and other medical treatment. I highly recommend this thought provoking piece. 

U2 ft. Johnny Cash -"The Wanderer"

This next article from Colorado Health Insurance Insider is very interesting on many fronts. This program promised many good things, but as the article mentions 

"the Colorado health benefits exchange “…will not be connected to the long-troubled Colorado Benefits Management System, which handles food assistance and Medicaid.”  I’m not sure what ” not connected” means here… whether the exchange will provide no enrollment material for people who qualify for public assistance, or whether some other program will stand in for the Colorado Benefits Management System in order to make the exchange interoperable (or integrated) with Colorado’s public benefits programs."

I know that this is a case I will be following closely and thank Louise and The Colorado Insurance Insider for bringing it to my attention.

Having had to personally experience as a client of both well run as well as broken down benefit services this may be the deal breaker in the Colorado program. In addition if it is another agency will it stand in the way making it harder for those  in need to get the help and benefits by having to visit another agency?

On one final note, some of you may be aware February 29 is Rare Gene Disease Day. My disorder, Huntington's Disease is covered under this umbrella. If you would like to know more, at the top of my blog banner is a link that will share a bit more information. 

Again, thank everyone at Grand Rounds for allowing me this opportunity as well as understanding during this stressful time in my life.

Depeche Mode-"Blasphemous Rumours (live)"

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