Monday, 26 September 2011

Survived the DMV, Amy Ahearn and more.

Please take a good look. This is Amy Ahearn. She's been missing for a few weeks now. She is suffering from psychiatric symptoms related to her Huntington's disease. Last seen in Norwalk & Cerritos in Southern California. 

If you live in these areas, would you please distribute this flyer on your facebook or any other way to help Amy's sister be reunited with her? 

Thank you.

I've been Facebooking and tweeting her flyer daily. Amy lives about a hundred miles South from me. I'm really concerned for her.

I survived the DMV today, yes I did. It wasn't very bad at all, and I was in and out of there. There were only three people ahead of me so I got my duplicate license right away.

If you aren't in a decent enough mood you may want to skip this next song. Its the Cars song drive, sung by their late guitarist Benjamin Orr. These guys had the guts to bring a full Fairlight CMI onstage with them at Live Aid. Talk about being insured, those synthesizers cost 20,000 pounds sterling new.

From the Cars to Paul Oakenfold performing some Trace.

I was asked on Twitter earlier if the back pain I alluded to in my last blog is related to my HD. Its actually an old sport injury from my pre-HD days.

I hope to find you well rested tomorrow.

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