Friday, 23 September 2011

Random Tunes and Deep Questions

Been listening to Al Stewart tonight. He's not exactly Synth-Pop, Techno, or Trance but sometimes even I need a break from what I normally listen to. Its been an interesting musical foray the last few days and I'm glad I have an open mind. 

That being said Paul Oakenfold uploaded this great piece this afternoon. It deserves a listen if you are into this style of music at all. I am hooked.

Was reading an interesting blog entry earlier. From At Risk for Huntington's: Huntington’s disease, loneliness, and love entry of Wednesday March 23rd of this year.  It just told me how fucked up this disease is, that it screws with people's minds in so many ways. It also reminded me of the song Will I? from RENT (The Musical). In this case, it was the AIDS epidemic they were signing about. 

I'll end with a quote from the above blog article by Ken that reminded me of this song. These are questions teens with an HD parent may begin to have as they start dating. I know I had many of them.

When will my symptoms start or worsen?

Should I opt for preimplantation genetic diagnosis to assure my children don’t have HD?

How will I be able to raise my children?

How will my spouse care for me, and for how long?

Why would anybody want to enter a relationship charged with such huge health and emotional challenges?

Will I end up alone?

Will anybody ever love me?

And we all know how I turned out... See you next time!  Again, join me on Twitter at PaulWorre

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