Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pan Am, Meekodev and lack of cable

Yesterday was uneventful so I didn't  blog about it. Today appears to be more of the same. Outside of going to the store and watching Conrad Murray's bald spot growing, its been very pedestrian. The one change is that I am back on my high carb diet. It consists of six top ramen daily. That alone puts my calorie count over 3,000. I also enjoy sugar soda and I haven't cut back on that. I understand this is not a healthy diet, but I also understand how important it is to get the weight back on my body. Even before HD entered my life I had problems keeping weight on, much less gaining weight. Sure it will clog my arteries but realistically the HD is likely to get me first. Being the proper weight, or slightly above it, gives me a nice buffer when I take ill.

------Music break-----

------Is it just me or did Joy Division suck when they became New Order?----

In addition, I really need to get to the grocers. I will take a walk and pick up a few items later, however I do need to get a lot of items at Costco once my anxiety leaves me. That is not today. I walked to the nearby shopping center and didn't get past the first store. My anxiety went from 5 to 7 on a 10 point scale. By the time I got home I was sweating, my arms were plastered to my side and my hands sweating and closed up tight. I made it home and managed to get dinner down me. That's better than yesterday when I lost my appetite over my anxiety.

Other things I did today included watching several Frontline episodes and I just started a promising documentary on Guantanamo Bay I hope to finish before falling asleep. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and streaming websites in general. I don't have cable as its so expensive and the only time I watched it was the world cup and Olympics. Today I finally saw Pan Am. It was a cute show and I'm already looking forward to next week. Its set in 1963 and took that fact very seriously from costumes, music to the political climate. 

Tomorrow Amazon is delivering Credo, the new Human League album on my door so expect a thorough review from me. I also have a friend who is the biggest Human League fan coming over for a listening party and I'm trying to convince her to do a guest column and review of the album here as well. It will be interesting as we have very different opinions on music, although we generally like different bands, THL is one of the few we share. Her taste in music is also much more broad.

I was really glad to see that Wall of Sound Records gave them a decent budget for a video. The video really gets me in the mood to go out clubbing which I haven't done in too long. I don't drink anymore with all my meds, but I still love to people watch. Another thing I'll say about this single and that is instead of using AutoTune I love the way they threw the girls' voices in a vocoder. 

Here's another artist that refuses to use autotune.

Not a big fan of either artist but in this song they hit every note perfectly. It was a great match. I first saw this video after my friend recommended it, and she knows I'm not a Eminem fan. As for Rihanna I have never heard a song of hers I could stand, but again she is really good in this and her voice is so melodic. 

Now this is music! 
Kraftwerk's Autobahn

Just got finished a Facebook chat with my friend and she's willing to review the album AND do a guest post. I'm looking forward to MeekoDev's input here on my blog.

And with that, its bedtime for me. 

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