Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas With Fireplaces

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I saw el shrinko, aka my head doctor today. It went well considering how much information I had to cover. I finally told him everything seems like its rushing by. He just looked at me with the look this guy below has on his face. Then he says "You're getting married, yeah?" and I'm like "duh yeah" and he laughed. He said its actually a common thing when people are in the middle of wedding preparations. 

Men at Work-"Overkill"

 Then I told him about the baby and Facebook and everything else that's been going on. He was more than a bit surprised. Then he mentioned it must not be bugging me too much. I asked him where he got that idea and he said because I didn't call for an extra appointment. That got me thinking, I do usually freak out and ask to be fit in. Does that make me more normal now?

Spandau Ballet-"True"

I still have that nasty cough. It hasn't gotten any worse, but its not any better either. So here I am with the rest of last night's Taco Bell  in the waiting room at the walk in clinic. 

Spandau Ballet-"Round and Round"

I'm waiting for the results of the X-Ray. I just want to curl up in bed. That's never a good sign.  What's even a worse sign is that the nurse just sent me to the hospital to be checked out. Jane is not going to be happy at all.

Oh, I knew I forgot something while moving my laptop from the clinic to the emergency room.. Doc asked me about the holidays. Its always a tough time. A friend of mine is struggling, she lost her mother this last year to HD and she really doesn't want to spend Christmas at home so she's planning on going down to the Grand Californian Hotel inside Disney's California Adventure. She told me last time she was at Disneyland it was during a storm and she ended up stuck at the fireplace  where she sat reading Stephen King's Duma Key  This is year she's buying the new V.C. Andrews and taking them down to the the Grand Californian. She's going to stay at the Super 8 across the street and just sit with her Droid and junk novels. That sounds really good, and I'm tempted to take her up on her invitation to stay in front of the fireplace. There is something about mourning somebody when you're not alone and have a shoulder to cry on.

Mike and the Mechanics-"The Living Years"

What surprised me is that Jane is interested in going. I told her its probably going to be one of the more boring trips. She shared with me that she never had closure over her close friend who  passed away from Hodgkin's Lymphoma early this year and she just isn't getting the holiday spirit. She shared with me that she is thinking that going down there will add some Christmas cheer as well as give her some closure. I called my friend and she really would love the company, so it looks like our Christmas plans are to spend the time in front of the fireplaces with good books. 

My friend MeekoDev with Duma Key
Off and to the right is the outdoor fireplace

The ER nurse just called my name so I'll see you tomorrow.

Mood 7.8
Anxiety 7

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