Friday, 9 December 2011

Three times is the charm

I'm going to make it quick today, I'm still not feeling well. . The M.D. said that I never got over the pneumonia last time. Jane was not happy at all to hear that it took three visits and  the hospital never did take proper care of me last time. To placate me Jane bought me a pile of John Grisham movies and banned me from the bookcase for the next three nights.

Believe it or nor, I'm still running a bit chilly so Jane and I are making plans tonight to listen to the 1st episode of The HD View that featured Mary Robinson. Hopefully I'll be feeling better later this afternoon. I might try to watch Easy Rider, Raging Bull later. I kept putting the book down. Its really good but no matter how many times I've picked it up, somehow it ends up on the table next to my bed.

I'm really worried about J M. She's the Christian woman who has JHD, I wrote on her Facebook wall yesterday. A while ago she reached out to me. I remember our online conversation because she reached out to me without judging my spiritual belief. I don't pray for many people but I keep her in my prayers daily. It takes a special kind of person that will open up their hearts to a random atheist.

She's still not doing well, and I'm really worried about her.

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