Sunday, 11 December 2011


I stayed up to late last night and paid for being up down and around yesterday.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood-"The Power of Love"

If I had my way, I'd want this song being sung when Jane's father walks her down the aisle.

We scratched John Denver's Follow Me off the short list, as we're already getting tired of it.

UCLA MEDlies - "Life in a Northern Town"

Pet Shop Boys - "Opportunities"

I had a chance to talk to my brother yesterday as the wedding date is being finalized. The last week before the wedding is going to find Jane extremely busy and I am looking forward to spending some time with his little ones. They are so adorable. The call also gave me a chance to run the idea about the PGD-IVF by him.

He actually thinks I have potential to be a good father. I told Peter I had fooled him pretty good. 

I told him my concerns, which is basically I don't want Jane to have two kids to raise, the baby and me. Peter said that I need to realize its her decision to make, and I don't have a right to take that decision away from her to satisfy some inner guilt.(although I must say I try to do that!)

Dead or Alive - "Lover Come Back to Me"

Speaking of PGD-IVF, the first visit at the fertility clinic went well. We both are are on the normal side of the fertile scale so that's one less thing to worry about.

John Lennon - "Beautiful Boy"

Another thing Peter and I talked about was this blog. Like Jane, he has always respected my privacy. He asked if I would have a sample entry just so he would see what its like. So I'll be sending this entry to him. 

Today's double feature-Sparks
Sparks-"La Dolce Vita"
simply because  its not a real blog entry of mine if there isn't 
a Sparks song.
Not just any single Sparks song mind you, but
two from their Giorgio Moroder period.

Sparks-"Tryouts for the Human Race"

The Harry Simeone Chorale-"Do You Hear What I Hear"
Remember the copy of this cassette of this we owned when we were tots? 
I still think its the best Christmas Carol album ever released.

Sam Stokes - "Here We Come A-Wassailing (The American Edition)"

Peter, this explains the historical misunderstanding of 'Ameriglish' and why the American's think us English are so idiotic :)


Here we come a-wassailing
Among the leaves so green.
Here we come a-wandering
So fair to be seen.
Love and joy come to you
And to you your wassail too.
And God bless you and send you
a happy new year.
And God send you a happy new year.

If you're not sure what a wassail is
you're not alone
You wonder why it's been so long
and you have never known.
It's because it's from England
it's not American.
Just like cricket, the Rolling Stones,
and figgy pudding, too.
It's just something that
British people do.

If you visit England,
I have this to say to you.
If you need a restroom,
then you'll have to find a loo.
Yes, it seems quite absurd,
they have many different words,
and they spell things like
favo(u)rite and colo(u)r with a "u"
what a funny European thing to do.

If you're in an English restaurant
and you're feeling kind of sick
because the person next to you
has ordered spotted dick.
There's no need to feel faint
No, it isn't what you think.
It's a pudding with raisins in it
nothing quite so foul.
Well, in England they say "willy" anyhow.

I hope you've learned enough
about English carols from this song.
That "don we now our gay apparel"
doesn't just sound wrong.
It does not insinuate
that the singers are not straight.
It's just more silly British talk
and I mean no offense
but leave speaking English to Americans.
Just leave speaking English to Americans.

Oh, didn't I say something earlier along the lines that this would be a typical blog post...well on the second half of this entry I lied :-D

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