Friday, 2 December 2011

Morning All

After playing "Space Age Love Song" by Flock of Seagulls I've been stuck with their other song, "I Ran" in my head. So for the sake that I can get that piece of crap out of my head here it is. 
A Flock of Seagulls-"I Ran"

I'm cutting back on my Twitter time today. I found myself justifying my use by deflecting. Wrong way to go, Paul. It was like the time I said I'm not an alcoholic while I justified my drinking by switching from Beer to Bachardi (Yeap, I did that one).  That means I have to make sure I don't slide over to Facebook.  

I'm the king of parallel addictions. I was actually reading that alcoholism and drug addiction have a higher rate in Huntington's Disease patients. If true, it would not  shock me. In my case I was drinking when a late teen and then just kept drinking until I had tried to take my life. Since then I've maintained some good sobriety. 

I do know that as an HD patient I'm going to loose a parent, which to the average person is a known stressor. I'm also suffering from compulsive thoughts and actions which I take medication for. I'm also planning on starting a new type of therapy for this and we'll see how that works next week.

craigslist tv: Drinking Buddy
I love this show. As someone commented it should be on those ads where they justify the existence of the internet.

Men Without Hats-"Safety Dance": 
I'm having troubles sleeping since I stopped the Lyrica. That was a powerful knock out drug and my body misses it. Right now I'm wishing my eyes were closed and I was dreaming of this little village.

Nena-"99 Luft Baloons"
My whole body is screaming to sleep but I can't cross the line to the nice sleepy clouds 

Eddy Grant-"Electric Avenue"

Eddy puts me in the mood to watch some Ross Kemp in Jamaica. If you haven't seen him I highly recommend it for good entertainment. 

 Falco-"Rock Me Amadeus"

This is one of those songs that good speakers were bought for. 

Kim Carnes-"Bette Davis Eyes"
Sleep, come to me. I'm calm enough now DAMMIT! 

I'm really not going to get this, am I? Its time for me to settle down with my phone and read a book on the Kindle. 

Morning all!

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  1. Hope you finally got some sleep, Paul. Insomnia sucks! Sending lots of love and hugs.

  2. Thank you so much Grannyjan. I slept 4 hours this morning and my eyes are falling down now, so I think tonight I'll be catching up and doing the Saturday Sleep-In thing followed by reading a good book.