Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Starting Over

Considering all that's happened lately, I feel absolutely normal.  I've been so busy feeling like a person with HD  that I was beginning to forget what its like to feel like a normal person. With all of these "normal people changes" happening in my life, its making me feel more like the average person on the street.

The Beatler-"Baby You're a Rich Man"

Jane finally signed up on Facebook yesterday. That means I can't walk by her humming "fool on the hill" any longer. Its also why I chose this song. If you've seen The Social Network, you know why. If you haven't seen it, run don't walk, over to your computer and log into your Netflix Account. and put Social Network  at the top of your queue. Its a really good movie.

In all seriousness though, I did post this on her FB wall at noon: *duck*

"The Social Network"

There is a photo circulating around the Occupy movement of Occupy Los Angeles. You know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words? This one is worth two thousand. 

When I posted this photograph, several people pointed out the similarities between this situation and Kent State (as well as the Isla Vista riots). So I think its as good a reason as any to play this powerful song:

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - "Ohio"

Back to the Facebook thing, at first I was really concerned that Jane would be breathing down my neck, but then I reminded myself we are both adults. I asked her if it would be an issue if I blocked my blog posts from her. She asked if I could actually do that. I told her that yes, you can choose who can and can't see any post. Then she said that after the issue a long time ago where I had been upset over the fact she had read my tweets behind my back she would never do anything like that again, and the fact I can actually block her from seeing my Facebook blog posts made her feel better.

The Beatles-"Get Back"

On another note, Sunday night we talked some more about parenthood. 

By this afternoon, I've already gone to see the fertility doctor, as Jane had made appointments for both of us "just in case".  Outside of the threat of the "scary needle" it wasn't bad at all. Now all we have to do is wait to make sure this is what we both want to do. I know this is what I want, but it will be weeks to wait for the procedure. 

We also have the wedding to tend to first (how dare we!) , as well as taking quite a bit of time to make triple sure this is what we both want to do. We both agree that the worst thing is going through the process and then regretting it later. 

Neil Diamond-"Hello Again"

Last night we listened to The HD View online radio show. The subject was obtaining disability and it set both of us talking about the symptoms of Huntington's Disease and what the government looks for when people apply for SSI and SSD. Its sick that you have to suffer from physical symptoms before you are eligible for government assistance. Looking back now, I was very lucky that I was able to get on SSD for my Depression. It would have taken me forever to get on it for HD.

This weekend I began a nasty cough with a rattle so I'm going to lay down and if it doesn't get better by tomorrow I'll hit the Walk-in clinic.

Have a great evening, and eat anything more healthy than the Taco Bell I had for dinner.

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  1. Great Job Paul!!! Keep you head up!!! So happy your able to have a great lil lady by your side. Do know we all are here encouraging you on. We all look forward to getting to know Jane :)