Saturday, 17 December 2011


Norman Greenbaum="Spirit in The Sky"

Well, last night I posted my blog entry and went out for a smoke before heading off to a very early bedtime. I was questioning a certain paragraph and whether I should have included it during that walk. Figuring I was blowing it out of proportion never entered this OCD mind. So although no one pointed it out to me its still haunting me through today for more than the bad  two and a half of sentences it really is. I scanned the entry earlier to try and fix the typos in spacing, which by nature won't go away, and "it clutched my mind." It really won't die. Now I know its a stupid OCD thought at this point and so it won't be erased. 

J. Giles Band-"Freeze Frame"

Unlike Linda Ronstadt and Glen Campbell I knew these men were American. This was a big breakthrough for me, musically. I was aware that my taste in music was becoming more expansive than I had first realized. Interestingly  left and right new music was surrounding me in England. It was a wonderful time to be a preteen. 

Juice Newton-"Angel of The Morning"

I had a full day today after a strong night of sleep followed by a nightmare. After waking I had a couple cups of coffee and then made lunch, showered and got dressed. After dinner I went out to my book club. It was a nice Friday. While there tonight I had half can of Dr. Pepper. That was the dumbest think I could have done. With my swallowing issues, caffeinated soda is not what I should be drinking. I know that so why did I do it? The action felt like those of a small child. If Mummy and Daddy say I shouldn't do something then I want to do it. If I know I shouldn't be drinking that can then I want it twice as badly. 

David Naughton-"I'm a Pepper"

I think I'm also tired of being told what I can or can't do. I can't eat certain foods, I have to be careful when I do eat now so my food doesn't go the wrong way again, I've got the marriage and all that legally entails (including probably losing my income as 'we' will make too much to keep my disability payments), start turning my study into the baby room aaaand okay, end of whine now (but not before I complain that the family cat bit my hand so much last night it looks like The Exorcist).

From Airplane-"Jive Talk"

"Honey" "Yes Dear?" "Will you take me to see Airplane tonight?" "But we saw it last week." "If its finances than I'll go to a matinee" "That isn't the issue dear, I've just seen it so many times".

Yeap for another week Mum dragged  him off to the movie theater. Why? Because of her anxiety Mum rarely wanted to leave the house. If she wanted to enter a crowded cinema well then, let  her go! Still I wasn't allowed to go, they thought this film was too adult oriented for this little boy. I only saw a handful of films with them, the Sean Connery Bond film Never Saw Never Again being one that I easily remember. 

Never Say Never Again Trailer from Mi6 Forum

Just watching that brought back a flood memories of my parents and me. Really great memories of being surrounded around them. I'm going to leave on the thought of holding onto my Dad's hand while Mum grabs my arm softly in hers. A time when I felt carefree in this world, when I was still young and thought everyone aged naturally and I'd have parents for what seemed to be forever. And in a world that I'd never heard of HD.

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