Friday, 30 December 2011

Its the Crazy Life

I was awake all night (its currently 8:00 a.m.) It must be something in the air because both of us were up most of the night. As my wife was dressing she overheard my computer running a Netflix documentary. She looked at me like I was the man on the moon for watching a docu on My Lai until I fall asleep. You mean most people don't do this? Now she tells me.  It must be the librarian in me.

Of course, if I had these pajamas *click on pic to order*

I bet you I'd be sleeping like this: 

But heh, things could be worse. I ended up watching this music video

Depeche Mode-"Personal Jesus"

And this one

Depeche Mode-"Just Can't Get Enough"

Speaking of Depeche Mode when I used to throw a second hard drive in computers I'd always hum this song:

Depeche Mode-"Master and Servant"

When I wasn't listening to them I was reading this blog by the brilliant and thought provoking Stella:: (haha! I linked to The Beatles "Baby You're a Rich Man" so you can't accuse me of posting it too often). Seriously for a minute, her point about being gene-positive and seeing her father is something unique in Huntington's and something those unaffected by HD should read to get insight into our minds. Please take a minute to read it.

That blog and this video:

Living With HD-Introducing Carol, Stage 3

Put this song back in my head :( 

Elvis Costello-"Veronica"

My name is Paul Ware and I'm asking you to do something to work toward finding a cure to HD before its too late for Stella and me. Its already too late for Carol.

Catch Paul Ware on Facebook or Twitter. I can also be reached via email (delete no spam) but much prefer the Facebook message option. The comments section is fine too.

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