Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Year In My Life

2011 is coming to an end, and through it all I must admit its been a pretty darn good year for me. Here's a brief rundown of the past year both in my personal life as well as major stories.

  • Got married
  • My brother visits during a stopover at LAX
  • HDBuzz-A Huntington's Disease (HD) news wire comes online
  • James Bond composer John Barry dies
today's double feature-the late Stuart Adamson & Big Country
Big Country-"Big Country"

Big Country-"Fields of Fire"

  • Joined Facebook and Twitter to expand my HD knowledge and support
  • With support of my wife I underwent Genetic Testing for HD to discover my CAG count only to be told its in the range of Juvenile HD. 
  • My friend loses her mother to HD, I attend my first non-family HD funeral service
  • After a lot of thought, I stop driving
R.E.M.- "Its The End of The World"

  • I start this blog
  • Arab Spring Revolutions - Governments fall in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya
  • Operation Wall Street and other localized Occupy Protests
    • Police tear gas non-threatening protest at UC Berkeley
    • NYPD destroy the books in the Occupy Wall Street library
    • I support Occupy Santa Barbara by donating protest materials, Occupy Wall Street by donating books
  • Human League releases Credo, their first album in 10 years

The Human League-"Night People"

  • Something about the Kindle is bringing back my ability to comprehend reading, a mental treasure I have missed.
  • Our kitten celebrates her first birthday by becoming more playful
  • MeekoDev and I see Paul Simon in concert-one of the best shows of our lives
  • My wife and I start the process to have a HD gene-negative child

The Dream Academy-"Life in a Northern Town"

  • Liz Taylor, Amy Winehouse, Anne Francis, Christopher Hitchens, Steve Jobs topped the list
  • 565 troops killed in Iraq-46 of them from the UK
  • An additional 46 UK troops were killed in Afghanistan

Quincy Jones ft. Amy Winehouse-"Its My Party"

See You in 2012

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