Sunday, 1 January 2012

Catching Up

I had a nice, quiet but enjoyable New Year's last night. I had been invited to a friends birthday party but decided to stay at home with Jane. I'm glad, it was a nice enjoyable evening.

Today's music is curtosy of 80sMusicGirl. She played these 80s songs last night.

Swing Out Sister-"Breakout"

I'm starting to settle down to the married life. I must say I enjoy it. Although I didn't think it would change me, I was wrong. Suddenly I feel safer. Our relationship is so much more stable. Its almost as if we are able to read each others mind more so than before if that makes sense.

ABC-"Be Near Me"

This morning I woke up too early so I only got four hours sleep. I don't feel tired though so I'm making breakfast while I type. I'm back on a diet to gain weight. I'm not as thin as I was a year ago but I need to gain extra weight so when I get chorea later I'll have the calories to burn. 

Go West-"King of Wishful Thinking"

One thing I've been flirtiing with is my ability to become a citizen in three years. If my Huntington's Disease doesn't make it so I don't have the brain power to take the citizenship test, I likely will prepare myself so I can vote at that time.

People ask me why I want to become a citizen as I will have to give up my right to vote in England. I'm simply here for so long that I see some policies I don't like. It would be nice to have a very small influence on them. 

Prince-"Let's Go Crazy"

When this song came out my little sister teased me that this is my theme song. This one is for her. She's thinking about having the test for Huntington's Disease. Since our mother had it, all her children have a one in two chance to carry the gene. If she tests positive for having the gene she will eventually get HD. I've told her I'll fly out and support her when she goes in to hear the result. I remember when I went in to have my results announced I was thankful Jane was there, even if I already knew I had HD. I had the test so I'd know my CAG repeat count. As I've mentioned it is the area of JHD. I was thankful that she was standing there while I was on the phone. I don't know how I'd have managed that otherwise.

The Go-Gos-"Vacation"

I'm reading a lot more since I got my Kindle. Something about it makes it easier for me to comprehend what I'm reading. I'm not sure if its the font or spacing or something I'm completely unaware of, but its nice to have the old habit back. The book I'm currently reading is Blown For Good-Behind The Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley. I've wanted to read this since my reading first went down the tube. At 50% completed I must say it was worth the wait. Headly takes you inside the Int Base, the intitution where not only are the "Church's" movies are made but also the home of leader David Miscavige.I highly recommend this book.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "If You Leave"

My wife and I have one week to go until she will be ready for her doctor to remove her eggs for fertilization. We are like little children waiting for Christmas to open our gifts.The IVF drugs are making her moody, but not half as bad as expected. 

Simple Minds-Don't You Forget About Me"

Well, I'm caught up. Thank you for reading. I hope the rest of your day treats you well.

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  1. this was a great read, even without the videos as a back drop. thank you for sharing it with me. i wish you all the best.