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Today is just here. It started off with a bang when I fell asleep early only to wake up ten minutes later to Jane upset and trying to fix a flooding toilet. Once that was under control she was able to go to sleep, but I was awake for good. 

On the positive side, I haven't had a seizure in the last 24 hours. I'm hoping to make it 48. The lack of sleep my neurologist told me can be a danger sign, so when I finish up my blog I'll have something to eat and then relax with my book.

Heaven 17-"Let Me Go"

Watching this video of Let Me Go always shocks me at how young Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh were. By this time they had already been kicked out of the band (Human League) they had formed by the singer Martyn had recruited (Philip Oakey). Oakey kept the name, and accruing debt, while Marsh and Ware gained the creative control they wanted. Interestingly, Heaven 17 gained through lead singer Glenn Gregory the basic line-up Ware had preferred for Human League a few years prior. At that time Gregory was not available so they went with runner up Oakey.

Their losses were our gains as we now have two bands to enjoy.

Heaven 17-"Geisha Boys And Temple Girls"

Geisha Boys is actually a cover of their own songs. Marsh and Ware produced an album of another band covering tunes they had written with Oakey. Geisha Boys is among that later group of songs. It was only after the failure of the Hot Gossip project that Heaven 17 recorded their own version.

Human League-"Fascination"

Between Geisha Boys and Fascination you can hear a natural progression such as it were. Neither band would want to admit that the break was what both groups of individuals needed to thrive. I was discussing the fact this song is only available on one of their multitude of Greatest Hits albums, "The Very Best of..." so if you are ever buying  one, this is the one you want.

Here in Seconds it could just as easily be Heaven 17. Their shared influences spoke through their music.

Human League-"Seconds"

Oh, by the way all is well in Sheffield. Heaven 17 and Human League have actually toured together on a shared billing. There are very little hard feelings.

Depeche Mode-"Enjoy The Silence"

Their are several versions of "Enjoy the Silence" to choose from. I had it down to two, the original with Dave Gahan in a robe and crown overlooking a cliff and this performance. I went with the World Trade Center for prosperity sake. In addition, this song speaks of the danger when we are too careful with our word choice, a theme that is played out in the media since 9/11. There was also a more personal meaning. This video was recorded in 1990. Judging by his physical build Gahan was in the throes of his heroin addiction. When this song came out I was just nearing my peak of alcohol abuse. There was many a night when it would be this album, a bottle of booze and me alone in the room. 

For those that aren't aware, people who are gene-positive for Huntington's Disease have a higher incidence of both substance and alcohol abuse.  I personally feel this is one of the issues that need to be brought out in the community and addressed. Until it does we are each but a  lone voice speaking about two diseases when we might only be dealing with one.

Depeche Mode-"Shake the Disease"

And I'll end today on a more positive note. Remember to treat those around you as you would like to be treated. We're all in this thing called the human race together.

Depeche Mode-"Master and Servent"

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