Friday, 13 January 2012

The Three Letter Word

Frankie Goes To Hollywood-"Relax (New York Mix)"

Today the producer of the radio show HDView announced next week's topic. Its going to be about sexual matters. *gasp*

Some people saw the letters S-E-X in the sky here.

Like most other things controlled by the brain and nervous system, the sex lives of HD patients is no different. It is affected severely and it sucks. 

I'm glad someone is going to talk about this openly, its about time.

Human League-"Love Action"

Only speaking for myself I went from normal sexuality to hyper-sexuality and then lack of interest and  impotence. The kind of impotence that makes you jealous of the pool party dude.

Enzyte advert.

Then of course there is the whole HD emotional flat line problems and I'm screwed.

Eurythmics-"Love is A Stranger"

At times love has become a stranger in our house. My self worth goes down and my wife feels unloved.

The only work around I've found came from a book I read a while ago. The basic premise was there are a few things I CAN do to show my wife affection. Even when my emotions are fleeting, if I feel good I make a point to walk by my wife and show her affection. It doesn't have to be a lot, a little kiss, hug or even just playing with her hair. All these things tell Jane I find her attractive and have feelings toward her. 

"Kiss The Girl"

That's not much but both of us agree it sure beats the alternative.

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  1. Thanks for being so open, honest, and for always participating in the most important topics within our JHD/HD community! You're an HD Warrior Paul!

    You are loved!
    James Valvano