Friday, 20 January 2012

Radio, Someone Still Loves You

Power Station-"Some Like It Hot"
Very interesting take combining live performance with sampling.

Still going with the this doesn't feel like I control my body this morning. It just sits wrong. Every time I try to lay down on my side it just inches away. If this keeps up I'll be off edge of the bed in a few minutes.

In the meantime, I'm reading an interesting article from The New York Times on the homes of Mexican drug lords. For those of us that are interested in Urban Exploring, this article and photographic essay is a must see. 

Duran Duran-"The Reflex"
And this, boys and girls,, is why John Taylor ended up in rehab.

Live Aid, the day America finally realized 
what we already knew:
That U2 was to be a musical force to be reckoned with

One of the people on my Twitter feed is a giant fan of Big Country. Its because of her that I went out searching for a good live performance video to put here.

Here is the late Stuart Adamson fronting and playing some mean guitar in an early Rock and Roll concert in Russia.

I may joke around sometimes about substance abuse but make no mistakes. It kills. Stuart Adamson died as a result of an alcoholic suicide attempt in 2001. He left behind two children and a wife.

Big Country-"In a Big Country"

And of course, any time I can push Tony Hadley, lead singer of Spandau Ballet and patron of the HDA, you know I will. So here's Tony at Live Aid. 

Spandau Ballet-"Only When You Leave"

This next one still gives me chills to this day. I can feel them run all the way down my legs.This was one of those "Where were you" moments of my life. I can still see the floor under my knees in front of the television when watching this. The house stood still. My father, who had been putting up with my brother and my crap all day, shut up. Queen came  on, and Freddie started singing. My brother and I were suddenly quiet. Then my Father's voice came from behind us,  replying to Freddie singing "You made us think we could fly" with a quiet "Yes, you did"
Queen-"Bohemian Rhapsody/Radio Ga Ga"

Have a good night.

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