Thursday, 12 January 2012

Give It Away

Depression 6
Anxiety 4

I was half done with another entry when I was told last night of Kathleen Edward's death. This poor girl had been through so much in her little life. Now she's with her mother.

Blood Sweat & Tears-"And When I Die"

I was writing last night when my Facebook Messenger went off. I turned to the FB tab and a friend asked if I knew Kathleen. My foggy brain didn't recognize the name from those on my friends list. It was when she described her that I realized who had passed away an hour earlier.

Pardon my language but Jesus Christ I hate this disease. Nine year old girls shouldn't be losing the ability to go outside and play. 

Wilson Phillips-"Hold On"

After a few stressful days my wife and I went out to dinner and just have some nice quiet time together.  Then a friend called and asked if by chance we wanted some months old furniture. Jane and I had been in the middle of choosing couches and here was a beauty. Its cream coloured and fits our decor. We also inherited two smoked glass tables. So now we have 1500 dollars worth of furniture in our front room and I need to move half of our old stuff out.

Its funny sometimes how we get what we need when we aren't looking for it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-"Give It Away"

Until the books are moved, our living room looks like a hazard area. A hazard area with nice furniture. I've taken a photograph to show you how it looks now. I'll be taking another once we have moved everything in place. Once everything in place I'll be posting before and after photos.

The rest of the night we're going to be moving two  bookcases. This is why I finally bought my Kindle. I simply ran out of room for my books.

The Human League-"You've Lost That Loving Feeling (Peel Sessions 1978)"
And what the hell was Philip Oakey thinking 
with that hair and a beard?

Its time for me to sign off now. I have two bookcases to move. See you tomorrow.

Depression 4
Anxiety 5

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