Friday, 27 January 2012


I'm tired of...

leaving the door unlocked

forgetting to feed the cat

not being able to bite into a hamburger

misplacing my phone because I forgot where I put it down

making typos because my fingers are shaking and not noticing them when I proofread

having to put a book down because I can't keep the thoughts past two sentences

being unable to express my love to my wife

curling up from fear and anxiety

knocking my glass of juice over

realizing when my mother committed suicide she wasn't as insane as we'd always believed

jumping a mile when my mobile vibrates

crying at the drop of a hat

wondering halfway through a movie "how did I get to this point in the plot?"

not knowing what letter comes after "L" in the word halfway

relying on others to get to people, places and things

using cliches because they are easier to remember than thinking of the next word of a thought.

I'm tired of... 

Huntington's Disease


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  1. Thanks. That was powerful stuff. I appreciate the honesty!


  2. I'm tired of...

    People saying I don't care...

    Sleeping to much...

    Being angry all the time and sarcastic...


    Negative Thoughts...

    Hate myself for past felonies...

    Having little faith...

    Not being able to sit still and concentrate....

    Not being able to read and comprehend pages, paragraphs, or books...

    Not being honest to myself or others about my past....

    Feeling miserable, and in pain all time with joints, muscles, etc...

    Having high anxiety and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity!!

    Having Huntington's Disease!!

    Having COPD

    Having Artery Disease

    Having a son with HD