Tuesday, 10 January 2012

In My Life

Well, as you can see I am in the middle of a new redesign. I like it so far, and hope to add more to it as time goes on. Its a bit sleeker yet has more information on it. This is important as my blog is, and will be, read by people who are just learning about Huntington's Disease.

The Beatles-"In My Life"

Its important for me to tell others: having HD is not the end of your world. Yes, it makes you moody. Yes, it makes you less mobile. Yes, before you die you won't be able to talk. Yes, you can still enjoy the company of others, music and many other things. There is a whole space between diagnosis and end of life. Enjoy what you can. Accept what you can't.

The Beatles-"With a Little Help From My Friends"

Today my wife is sitting here at home with me. This morning she had two HD-free embryos implanted so she is off her feet. Hopefully one of them will take and we'll be proud parents. We'll know in ten days to two weeks. Until then, its a waiting game.Jane already asked me if it would be okay for her to pick up a small extra project at work so that she can keep busy after her normal workday. I told her I'd be fine at home  alone and very thankful she has something to pass the time.

The Beatles-"If I Fell"

I was looking through the statistics for my blog this morning. The great "The Rich and The Poor " guest entry by Stella of HDTrainwreck is the most read post. No surprise there, its one of the best written entries this blog has seen.

The Beatles-"Baby You're a Rich Man"

My home team Sheffield United Blades are playing the Glovers. I'm following a play by play on my Twitter Stream. I must thank the Blades for keeping this up. It must not be easy with all this pressure. Granted the Glover's are just out of the basement, but still we need the win. It would be interesting to see Sheffield United take on the Owls for a Sheffield only FA Cup. 

The Beatles-"Paperback Writer"

The Blades are 4-0 against Yeovil Town putting them in second on the table. We really needed this win, and it was a fun game.

Well, I'm getting sleepy here so I'll sign off.  

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