Thursday, 5 January 2012

Whole Lot of Shakin'

One of the things I've changed the last few weeks is that I've begun using an electric shaver. Lately I have been getting more cuts from my razor than I'd like to admit so after my honeymoon I bought myself a Norelco 1250  SensoTouch. I wanted a nice one because I hate electric shavers. My facial hair is dark and straight so I need to shave with the electric a couple times a day.

My wife took her "Trigger shot"  last night. If all continues well she'll have her eggs removed Saturday. If any of the fertilized embryos are Down Syndrome and Huntington's Disease free two will be transferred into Jane early next week.

John Lennon-"Here We Go Again"

I had my blood drawn for my CAG Repeats again. It turns out that when a number shows up as high as mine it should be checked with a Southern Blot. My CAG can be much lower with some other proteins before an additional set of repeats (I think I got that right). Only the closet set will affect my HD. This would explain my high CAG number in the original test. It makes me anxious to think about the waiting game but I'm happy to find out my true count.

Swing Out Sister-"Waiting Game"

I never do good with waiting and this isn't anything new. Last time I wasn't so worried about the test as being anxious to travel out of town. I hadn't known I could do it through my private doctor. This time my psychiatrist ordered it, so I'll be getting the information from someone I really trust with my mental health. He told me this morning that he wouldn't have felt comfortable ordering the first test as he's not as knowledgeable about Huntington's Disease but he has no problem with a repeat test as I've educated him on it through my own struggles with the last test result. 

Alphaville-"Forever Young (extended)"

and another song, same title
Rod Stewart-"Forever Young"

The following is an advert by some supporters of Ron Paul. Paul is a candidate for President and is a member of the Republican Party. Please note he did not approve this advert. It was made by supporters who have not received his endorsement.

It is one of the most racist ads I've ever seen, and is very funny in a sick way. It reminds me of Christine O'Donnel 's ad that featured her saying "I am not a witch...I'm you."   Uhh, no you're not. I don't feel a need to go on telly denying I'm a pagan. 

"Chinese Jon" Huntsman ad

Back to my blood draw-I'm so upset over it now I'm shaking. My fingers are bouncing off my keys and hitting the wrong ones. I hate when that happens. Sometimes when I get extremely upset my muscles tighten up. That increases my shaking. I wish so strongly I had these results now. I'm really scared about this but I can't put my finger on exactly what I'm scared of. I do know I'm concerned because I hear the little OCD voice capitalizing on my thoughts.

Jerry Lee Lewis-"Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On"

It doesn't help that I'm coming down with a cold. My throat is sore as hell, and my nose is starting to run. Its making me moody as hell. Being sick usually brings out the worst in my HD. I wonder if that's why I'm so jumpy and and upset?  I'm going to sign off and go read if I can while I eat some chicken soup. Then its back to Judge Judy.

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