Sunday, 30 October 2011

Books, Music, Comedy and Pneumonia

Today I ordered several albums and books from Amazon. Another CD arrived yesterday.  The album is a 1986 album titled Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder. It was a commercial failure but I have always liked the mix of the two musicians. They complement each other just like Jimmy Sommerville compliments Sparks (No 1 in Heaven).

Sparks (with Jimmy Sommerville) The No. 1 Song in Heaven

The 80's was called the Coke decade for a reason
Soft Cell - TOTP 

Soft Cell - "Tainted Love '91" ( Mendelsohn Mix)

Marc Almond Parody

Speaking of Oakey, this was in my email earlier today.
Its Philip Oakey on ITV's Tiswas Indian Shirt Contest (Part 1) (1981)

According to Wikipedia: Tiswas was a Saturday morning children's British television series which ran from 5 January 1974 to 3 April 1982 and was produced for the ITV network by ATV Network Limited.

It also had a limited adult following, as I have fond memories of my parents laughing while watching Titswas Saturdays.

Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - "I Feel Love (Remix)"

Sorry I didn't get this entry finished last night, I ended up in Emergency. I thought I was fighting my annual bronchitis but instead I have walking pneumonia so I had a 12 hour date early this morning with an IV pole.

I must have been sicker than I felt because I wasn't there more than an hour and already asleep as soon as the chest films were finished. 

Slept from 3:00 am until 10:30 am, then spent some time Tweeting on my Droid and signed out at 12:00 noon. Only problem, once I signed the discharge papers they still hadn't removed my IV line from the antibiotics & saline, so I was waiting almost another hour for that.

Annie Lennox - "Why"
from the Diva album

Eurythmics - "Love is a Stranger"

I was going to head out to the Immedicenter today but at 1 am last night J just looked at me and said "You're going to the ER tonight." So I packed my overnight case, phone and a change of clothes and left with her half an hour later. I know a losing fight when I see one. I didn't have a chance in hell.

Power Station - "Get It On (Bang a Gong)"

Laura Branigan - "Gloria"

Helen Reddy - "Angie Baby"
I have always liked the way this video author used The Sims 2 as her canvas 
to make an animated music vision. 

Today's Double (make that Triple) Feature is my Mum's favorite artist.
After hearing her laughter in my head while
I remember her watching Tiswas with Dad, 
it also sadly reminds me the Cure for Huntington's Disease 
is too late for many. 
Linda Ronstadt - "When Will I be Loved"

Linda Ronstadt -"You're No Good"

About here my temperature started to spike, so if I don't appear to make sense I probably don't. I'm at 102 degrees.. and under a physician's care.
The Stone Poneys - "Different Drum"

Mum definitively danced to a Different Drummer, in a good way. It was from her that I learned to stand up and be independently minded instead of just the next man on the block.I love being the 'not-so-quiet' Library Aide, the man who listens to Trance in his 40's and  helps supply the local "Occupy Santa Barbara" down in Del a Guerra Plaza.  Over 5 years ago, I was at the same plaza supporting the Print Teamsters Union protesting against the local newspaper gagging their reporters over union activities.

Okay, time for my antibiotics, inhaler and cough syrup along with my regular nighttime meds. Then off to bed I go. Its now 11:30pm and I'm awake and still tired. J finally pulled me off the couch and helped me into my pj's and in bed. I don't remember the last time I've had to have this much help while sick, not including the pox. 

Its embarrassing. Its also more than a bit humiliating. Okay,its outright emasculating to have someone who I have a romantic relationship with change me out of my clothes and undies, into my PJ's and take me into the toilet to wash my face and brush myteeth. I outright wanted to die.

I had one of those a-Ha moments. Let's be honest here. Its not going uphill from here.

Now if we can only curl up and sleep. If I can't sleep in a hour, J filled my Lunesta sleeping pill (she knows me all to well), and I'll take one of those.

You know what really scared me tonight? What if I was living alone? Who would take care of me then?

$hit Mum, I don't know how you handled Dad caring for you the months you managed to have this kind of dual relationship. Bless both of you for loving each other.

G'Nite, Your son..... 

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