Sunday, 9 October 2011

Time for the curtain to come down for the night....

For the first day with my music experiment I must say its really had a profound effect on my mood. Outside of having Veronica stuck in my head most of the day I've been much more productive since the depression and anxiety first hit. I feel again. Not always happy or sad, but feelings! So I'm going to go with that tonight.

Starting score 6 of 10 stars.

This first of three songs from Rent song reminds me that all of our days are numbered. Its what we make of them that counts.

BTW, get the last Broadway performance DVD of Rent. The movie is cleaned-up crap.

Jesse Martin of Law & Order fame is the only redeeming quality of the film.
The other cast members performances are watered down
by Chris Columbus, through no fault of their own.
This song is so moving as he says goodbye to his lover. 
So what if Collins and Angel are gay?
You either love someone or you don't. 
End of story.

This next song is just fun. I went out with my older brother and some friends for a delayed birthday dinner and a great homemade chocolate cheesecake. I actually had two good songs picked out from Rent, and had forgotten what a range of emotions this musical contained so I added this third one to represent tonight.

If it had been four years ago before I became symptomatic 
this would have been our group  tonight. We know how 
to have a good time, trust me although we never 
were refused service in a restaurant. YET.

Back to tonight's  topic of our time on earth, here is a song that also resonates with me Joni Mitchell's Circle Game. This song saddens me that I will not have children  who I will be able to feel this way toward (I underwent a vasectomy years ago to prevent passing on HD to an innocent child whose mother may not understand the full  implication of the autosomnial dominant genetic nature of the disease.)  Briefly that means if either parent carries the gene they will get the disease as my mum did. If either parent has this genetic mutation, every child  (male or female)  has a fifty percent chance of also receiving the gene and hence the disease, which I did. Many people, including my mum,  do not become symptomatic until during/after their primary childbearing years. I became symptomatic in my mid-30's. 

Juni Mitchell-The Circle Game

Harry Chapin - Cat's in the Cradle
Another of my "What If....?" songs

Hair- I've got Life
...Do you?

Closing score 7 out of 10, would be higher but I'm falling asleep. 

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