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Two Holidays and Housemartins...

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Monday is going to suck. My leg went out from under me in the soda aisle so I'm going to be making appoints for my General Practitioner and Neurologist tomorrow. On top of my right leg leg kicking in bed my jaw is grinding until it cracks. I get OCD about the jaw making it near impossible to stop. If it doesn't  reach a certain amount of numbness in the joint, I feel the need to continue grinding. The good news is my back pain is nearly gone since I reduced the pillows I sleep on, so I think they were the cause. 

Its a double holiday here in North America and I don't recognize either of them. The first is Canadian Thanksgiving.  And you guessed it, I have a song cued up. From South Park the parents are blaming Canada for societies ills.
Blame Canada- South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut Cast

Since I don't consider conquering Native Americans a reason to have a day off, I'm choosing Savages from the Disney animated film Pocahontas. Not  only does this song deal with the blind hatred and bigotry of both Jamestown and the Native American tribe, but it also confronts outright hatred. It was a big step for a company that is based pleasing parents who purchase tickets and videos for their children. 
What do I know though?  I only buy their Mickey Mouse 50 year old Classic cartoons, Silly Symphonies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit DVDs.

Savages and bigotry on both sides of the conflict
"Savages" from Pocahontas (Disney 1995)

This song is for a dear friend of mine. She was a competitive figure skater and was looking forward to train other students once our rink here in Goleta opens up. She is now showing symptoms of HD and she feels her hopes are dashed as she has the talent to coach others up to the National Level. When I hear this, I feel the love of skating she holds in her soul. I only hope she will begin to realize simply because one has symptoms of HD does not mean she needs to put her life on hold. If she does what makes her feel positive and productive, that can be more healthy than most treatments combined in my opinion.

Melissa Manchester-Through The Eyes Of Love 
(Theme from Ice Castles)

Way too much Chick music tonight. Let's spin those turntables.

First up is another single from 
The Human League's Credo 
Never Let Me Go Official Video
First single with one of the girls singing lead, and Joanne pulls it off.


Another song I wore shoe leather down while spending hours on the floor dancing to was:
Kim Wilde's-Kids in America

Great song, fascinating back story. This song was heavily influenced by the New York 
Gay Club scene. Among the major players were the Club Kids and Michael Alig, a promoter.
They brought the scene from end of Studio 54 into the age of Celebutantes. One of their main influences was Australian Leigh Bowery.
James St. James covers it well in his book Party Monster (originally Disco Bloodbath),
the story of Michael Alig and his roommate "Freeze" who  killed a third Club Kid, Angel, over drugs.
 The book was made into both a documentary and feature film titled Party Monster. Macaulay Culkin of Home Alone fame captured Alig perfectly. 

The Dream Academy Life in A Northern Town 

I'll leave you with two from one of my favorite 80's bands, The Housemartins.

 First up we have Happy Hour

and then Flag Day

Hope you slept well...

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