Saturday, 8 October 2011

An Experiment, Disneyland Ghosts, White Lipps and a real live pier!

I'm going to be starting an experiment this week. Actually, I will be starting now. My post last night from Trish's book gave me the idea. I'm going to start scoring my moods before and after listening to music. For example, my mood was a four when I first woke up. Less then ten minutes later it jumped to a six and a half simply by listening to some Bee Gees, even before I washed my face.

This probably doesn't seem much to you, but when I'm not even able to get enjoyment out of reading a book I know there's a problem. As you might remember, I used to work in a library. I love books. Outside of Trish's book, I've almost completely stopped reading. There is no pay-off. Outside of sport scores, I don't pick up a newspaper.

 Martin Rushent's  production of Pete Shelley's catchy tune "Homosapien"

Sh*t  She's white! 

I saw this incarnation of the Dapper Dans at Disneyland several times.

 It was worth the money simply to hear them sing in harmony.
A real talent rarely heard these days. My opinion - If you're local get an annual passport so you can leave Disney's California Adventure park when you get bored. If you aren't from the area, buy the multi-day pass and spend all the time in Disneyland Park Proper unless you like thrill rides. Stay at the nearby Super 8 and take the money saved on your hotel to spend an additional day at the park. I've never had problems with loud guests there and its about fifty dollar plus tax.

I read at the time this song was influenced by Primal Scream Therapy. All I know is when I want to shout in anger this video goes to the top of the pile:
along with this one...

influenced by Carl Jung's theory of "Synchronicity"

"Sometimes we'd just sit there and she wouldn't say anything and I wouldn't say anything and you could try to work out what was going on in her head but I think its something we don't understand. Not yet, anyway."

The wonderful thing in this video is its not afraid to tackle the issue of of family and patient head on. Its shown as a good thing, not a relationship to run away from. I had the chance to run this by Penny W's daughter @meekodev this morning. Her mother was a first Generation Huntington's Disease patient (genetic mutation) so they missed the diagnosis until the very end.  Penny, like her daughter, had worked in a library for many years (That's where I met Meeks in fact). Anyway I asked her if I was the only one seeing this video as a positive message and she actually agreed with me. She told me it captured their relationship the last few months when her Mum reverted to the delusion her good friend and roommate was her own dead mother, Meeks grandmother. 

In the end we both agreed this video should get wider release as an educational tool for families to show them how important these memories are to both the parents/grandparents/siblings as well as their survivors.

Now that my mind is on Penny, this was the song she sang to her daughter, her daughter played back to her on her last day and it was also sung at her Celebration of Life by an opera singer. She gave it a flavor that could be any relationship whether it be friend, child or lover. That, I'll never forget hearing.

One more for the road, mainly because although I am not a big fan of the song the story behind the video is hilarious and I need hilarious. 

This is The Human League in 1984 on Dick Clark's show here in the States. As you'll see he had the late Laura Branigan introduce THL. The reasons I find this video so utterly funny is

  • Branigan mentions this is their first appearance on American Television . Notice that not a word was said about any past bookings. That's because they literally walked off the Soul Train set two years before. Their manager Bob Fast had said they didn't need or want dancers as they had "the girls" but he wasn't heeded. Since they always do live rehearsals they noticed the dancers on the floor immediately. 
  • Jo Anne's Sunglasses (stage right)
  • The wind is blowing their voice back in their faces. Oops. 
  • They are dancing on a piece of wood. Don't ask me why I find its funny but I do.
  • Phil's perm
  • The clothes are too small. Its more obvious in one of the other songs where the lead singer is wearing a girl's one quarter length armed t-shirt. Also in the other video his sunglasses keep falling down. It was another post on YouTube asking to see this piece of "history" that alerted me to it in fact.
I swear, You can't get this from Central Casting. I just hope they didn't market this to the Clark show as California Hip.

I've been to this area on a number of occasions. I'd love to know the bill for Clark's security, and I'm not talking about protecting the band but their equipment if you get my drift.

Okay, waking up the other side of the room with my laughter so I really need to finish this up!

I'd say this experiment worked today, don't you? Mood = 7.5/10

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