Sunday, 9 October 2011

Macca gets married, Harrison moves me and I even want lunch

Mood 5.5 of 10
I woke up this morning to go back to sleep when the headline caught my eye. Paul McCartney has wed another heiress. At least his children talk to this wife. 

This next song is, strangely enough, quite popular with atheists like me.  I couldn't tell you why outside of the fact it is just so moving from the tambourine to the vocals. Nothing goes to waste here. If there was ever a song that made me want to believe, its George when he sings  "I really want to see you but it takes so long...". 

There has always been a fine undercurrent for me, and that is for many death is not to be feared but truly a passage. I remember when I heard George had passed I was glad, for him. The world would miss him but he was now where he had longed to be and with who he longed to be with. We all should be so lucky.

Comedy break-- Before I go back to my Sunday themed music, this popped up on my YouTube recommendation list. It makes me laugh every time I hear it. As in laugh so I hard I woke up J, my SO.

Crap video, brilliant sound.

Before you brush me off as insane you really need to see the American film Three Kings about the first Gulf War. Its a war comedy in the vein of Altman's M*A*S*H*  Here is context but you really need to see the entire film to "get it."

Ice-T recommending "Easy Listening Classics" to Spike Jonze, second clip is cut short. 

This next song is something I'd never find on my own, but Penny W. had recommended it to me along with the album Hot August Night. It has been on my IPod ever since. According to her it was inspired by a PBS special on an African tribe's religious practices.

To me, it has the same flavour as My Sweet Lord. Different journey, same road. The second song is the voice of a Christian traveling tent preacher selling his goods, in this case religion.

Soolaimon/Brother Love Neil Diamond (Hot August Night 1972)

The only good Van Halen song that Sammy Hagar sings. Eddie makes the Synth sing.
Right Now "our government is doing things we think only other countries do."

Finally, has this woman ever made a crap album?

Nah, I didn't think so either.

Mood 8 of 10 and I'm hungry for the first time in ten days!

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