Sunday, 16 October 2011

Random music Videos

Having a lazy day Sunday. My eye lids don't want to stay up and for the life of me I can't figure out why. The only thing I can figure out is the med change. I have these great ideas but once I get out I feel like I'm going to fall asleep. Its driving my half crazy, but I decided to take the early part of the day off, and I just read. Its still hard to get my attention span locked on the book for more than a couple minutes, I'm putting the book down and resting my eyes.

If someone says they don't like Abba I 
really wonder if they are in my age
range. Some things are instinctual.

The new YouTube format isn't working too well on my computer. Its not reading the time bar, so it sits at 0.00 while playing through the entire song. Since its not recognizing the time, the pause button isn't working either. Its just happens randomly, say every 20th video or so. Of course, that 20th time has to be  when my lunch is cooking.

This man has influenced just about every 
modern musician-or influenced their influences.
The lyrics in this song are poetry.

Kraftwerk-"The Model"
I always felt like they were close to selling out here.
Here they are singing in English!
Their native German would fit the music better.
You can skewer me for my opinion now.

Music doesn't get any funner than this. M doesn't even try
to take itself seriously.

Brilliant song from Chess. Written by a couple members of Abba 
and Tim Rice. Something happened to this play on the way to 
Broadway. It was rewritten and trashed. 
A bit like Taboo. But worse.

Today's Double Feature is the genius known as Thomas Dolby

I'm going to end my day with a rewatch of this documentary.
Its worth it just to hear Martyn Ware decide if he 
should spend his paycheck on a synth or a car

I always get something new from Synth Britannia
Today its I Feel Love
produced by Moroder

and Joy Division's Atmosphere

Take care and hope you survived the weekend.

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