Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Not so good last few days....


This entry is a bit of a downer. That's my mood and its not picking up.  

Before I go any further, I just realized that I've never put this video up.  You know, the video I named my blog after....

Life On Your Own (Extended)

I don't know what's been going on lately but the last few days I've been feeling beyond crap. It started with my mood last week. My anxiety and depression skyrocketed from bad to worse. Now my legs are shaking slightly, my gait is off, and I can't tell the difference between the anxiety and fear. At this point I don't know where I stand (pun intended). 

I am very lucky to have a doctor who understands Huntington's Disease. I've been hearing horror stories lately on a bulletin board about General Practitioners who don't know the first thing about HD, like the name of the disease. No, I'm NOT joking. 

Alphaville - Forever Young (The Ruud extended version.)

Yeah, its depressing, but its a hell of a good Cold War song. It resonates with me the last few months.

Another one of the "3 L's" from Human League's Hysteria 
(Life on Your Own, The Lebanon, Louise) 

I was surprised to hear Phillip Oakey refer to this song as the polar opposite of "Don't You Want Me." Its supposed to be a song about a man pulling a power trip over Louise. 

I love this video because Joanne plays a woman working in a bookstore and I used to be employed in a library. It was my favorite job and if I could work there again I'd move back across the pond in a minute.

Speaking of across the pond and on a positive note, I found two Apps that download Soccer (Football) scores from back home. 

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