Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Green Gills

A-ha-Take On Me

You learn something new every day. I was looking up side effects of my Lyrica today because I've been extremely nausea since my doctor raised my meds last week. I know it's not Haldol, that prevents nausea, so I've been working my way down through the others. 

Then I came across this side effect. Its scary simply because not a single chemist nor doctor has brought it up to me.  If you are a male, and on Lyrica it causes birth defects. 

That's not an issue I need to worry about, but the fact I slipped through the cracks like this  is scary. I consider myself a fairly well informed person. 

Rod Stewart-"Young Turks"

Now if I could only find out what is making me feel like I'm sailing  on constant rough waters, life would be much better. It isn't made any easier by the eye shifting issue either. 

Geeze, I'm really whining today, aren't I? Sorry about that. Trust me, things could be a lot worse.

Bruce Springsteen-"Dancing in the Dark"

Well, I'm off to rest for a bit. Jane took the day off to watch me, so I know I'm probably green around the gills. Sitting here watching music videos isn't probably making her feel useful either.She's starting to get that mother hen look about her. Last time I saw that look was when I got pneumonia. She doesn't take prisoners.

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