Saturday, 26 November 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll

If you haven't had the chance to read my blog last time I played Annie, never fear. I mentioned over dinner a couple nights ago in passing that the vocals on Diva are gorgeous. Guess what was at my feet yesterday  morning? 

I consider this a bribe so that I wouldn't say a word while certain somebody's are out at the shopping centre on Black Friday.

At least we both agreed to shop local this year. 

Annie Lennox - "Why"

Pardon my typing here, but I'm shaking like a leaf. My fingers are actually bouncing off the keypad. This is the worst I remember feeling since I took ill. Not good.

 Bill Haley-"Shake, Rattle and Roll"

What can I say? I went high quality when I made this video on Wednesday.
Dead Milkmen-"Instant Club Hit"

Martin Rushent's Gem Love and Dancing, Recorded at Genetics. Remix of Human League's LP Dare.
The League Unlimited Orchestra - "Love & Dancing"

Human League-"Blind Youth"
The concrete jungle of Sheffield.

Sheffield's one and only ABC-"Poison Arrow"

Talking Heads-"Burning Down the House" on Letterman

Peter Gabriel - "Solsbury Hill"
Tony Levin, David Rhodes and Gabriel

I'm going to call it a day. See you tomorrow.

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