Monday, 7 November 2011

Preparing to go out for the evening is becoming an event

Still have Cat Stevens playing today. That man is a hell of a musician. Speaking of music getting stuck in my head, I dreamed about the video Blind Youth by THL. In this dream J and I were walking all around the building featured in the video. We took our time and toured the building as if we were considering to buy an apartment in it for our home. Really twisted dream.

I'm still sitting on this CAG count. It just doesn't make sense and I don't do well with illogical things. I'm generally one of a scientific mind, and this doesn't fit anywhere. I feel like its like a round peg I'm trying to fit into a square hole. I'm  pounding and pounding it but it isn't going in.

How the hell did I get such a large (JHD range) CAG count when I didn't become symptomatic until my mid 20's? It just doesn't work. It has to fit.

My right arm is still jumping. It is driving me crazy. Not just when weight bearing, so I'll be walking around the house with a jumping right arm. That's also my slightly stronger arm by default. Although I'm ambidextrous most things in this world were invented with the right-hander in mind. Now I'm reaching for the left handed versions of tools simply to make it easier to perform the tasks. This is the same shoulder that I was bitching about a couple weeks ago. I have a business meeting to attend to this evening and I'm already thinking of ways to hide this movement.

 Royksopp - "Sparks
Another Gem by Wall of Sound Recording

Sparks-"Something for the Girl Who has Everything"

Two cuts today from a BonaFide American Artist Billy Joel
Billy Joel-"Pressure"

Billy Joel-"Summer Highland Falls 1977 Live"

I want to curl up in a little ball and cry. I'm tired of living up to everyone else's expectations when I don't even know what my own are. 

I remember an interview with Michael J. Fox discussing the early years after his diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. He spoke about his public and private faces, and how exhausting it was hiding his symptoms. I get that today. It freaking drains you. Emotionally and physically.

Another American Classic: Roy Orbison-"Crying"

Mary Travers(Nov 9, 1936 - Sept 16, 2009) and the Kingston Trio -"Where Have All The Flowers Gone"

Bob Dylan-"Times They are A'Changing"

A few more songs from the country that has welcomed me into its borders. If I hear one more idiot say America doesn't have a culture I'm going to hit him over the head with Blue Bayou.

Linda Ronstadt cover's Roy Orbison's Blue Bayou

Let's do a second Double Feature. Dusty!
Dusty Springfield- Son of a Preacher Man

And here she is "Spooky"

Let's end today on a positive note: 
The Animals-"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

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