Saturday, 12 November 2011

Lazy Saturday

After an exhausting week, I was going to take today off from blogging. After the book club last night, I went out with some friends to a restaurant and to celebrate a birthday. After good food, good company and a great cake I came home at a quarter to midnight wound up. I finally fell asleep at four, and slept through until three in the afternoon.

After waking up, taking my handful of "morning" medications and eating breakfast I was finally awake. Well, after all that and five cups of black coffee.

So I come on to check my Facebook and found great news that I simply had to blog about. You have read so many of my posts about Amy Ahearn, the missing woman last seen in Norwalk, California.

There was wonderful news this afternoon. Amy was found last night. She's currently being evaluated by a social worker.

I'd like to take this space to thank the family who on multiple occasions took Amy in, fed her, helped clothe her and even called law enforcement (who never came). I also want to thank LAPD for bringing Amy in. (Now LAPD, don't make me eat my words.)

I'm starting to work on an academic paper I never finished last round in college.  Its a sociological look at riots in the Isla Vista area outside of the local University. I've had my research information for years. Why finish it now? Its a bucket list item.

The riots culminated in multiple burnings of the Bank of America outside the university campus and a student's (Kevin Moran) death at the hands of law enforcement.  There are many parallels between that time and the current Occupy movement here. This includes both movements symbolic target of the BofA.

If, by chance I become as involved in this as I was the time I started my research you are going to be so sorry you ever heard of the " Bank of Amerika"

For those interested, I will soon finish importing my bookmarks into Google's online feature. When I do, they will be accessible to all.

As you listen to Governor Ronald Reagan's words, they probably sound familiar. They are the same arguments used by people in authority against the Occupy movement. Outsiders, troublemakers vs those who "helped law enforcement."

The once liberal Gov. Ronald Reagan.

And as for me, I've finished grocery shopping, stocking up on foods I can eat while on the ground surrounded around research papers.

Now I'm off for a romantic dinner at an Italian-American restaurant. I'll leave you what I was listening to earlier today. Here are two singles from The Human League's newest album, Credo.

"Night People"

"Never Let Me Go"

Oh, if you came here looking for a glimpse of life with Huntington's Disease, guess what? You just stumbled across it.

I hope you have a good evening now.

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