Sunday, 6 November 2011

I'm home, and tucked in with a pile of unread books....

I came home from the hospital after spending a couple days in there for pneumonia.
The entire stay was complicated. I went into the Emergency Room at two in the morning, only to check out at noon. I wasn't feeling well, and thought I was coming down with my annual bronchitis. Only I wasn't. I  had come down with walking pneumonia. Not so good. They give me a bag of IV antibiotics and then I'm welcome to leave. The doctor's directions are to return if my fever tops 102 degrees. My memory at this point is fuzzy, but I do know the time before my fever goes to 103 is about an hour and that it goes up a whole degree on the drive p. J was so upset at the hospital releasing me that she has my GP meet her in the ER before she will drop me by again. Her valid argument is that he knows enough basic medicine than to release me again, and she's right. He checks me in under his name. I breathe knowing I'll getting better medical care for the night.

Suddenly I realize that I'm expecting something many people in the United States don't have:  reasonable health care. This should to be a basic human right. B A S I C. Okay, I'll rant about that on another day

Chose this song because I'm feeling blue but as soon as I started watching this song I realized how much I have to be grateful for. Beautiful piece by Elton, as usual.

Once I get over this pneumonia (and the sooner the better) I'm looking forward to being joining the Occupy Santa Barbara movement and actually protest with them, moving from simple support to full support. After spending some time with a friend who had been one step from homelessness twenty years ago due to mass job layoffs in her line of business, it has made me feel that this is very important. 

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, with all this time on my hands. I've been thinking about spiritual matters. I'm back to the basic "is there a god" mental puzzle.

So tired of being in bed, and the medicine has knocked the wind out of me. Its hard to read as the letters are swimming in front of me, although I do have the movies to go along with Easy Riders, Raging Bulls, and Robert Evans' The Kid Stays in the Picture

I could watch those. If I get off my butt enough to do it. I have no get up and go. It could be from being sick or HD related depression. My money is on the latter. I would really like to see David O. Russell's Three Kings (Yeah the guy's an a$$hole but its a brilliant film).

One thing that really s*cks, at least for me, about HD is that like many chronic illnesses, once you get something else you it aggravates the chronic condition. So in my case not only do I have pneumonia but I've had trouble making sure all my liquids go down the right pipe and my words are spoken clearly. My depression, memory and anxiety have all gone through the roof. The only good part of this is that I know what the new symptoms of HD will be ahead of time. For example, a couple of years ago I took ill with a nasty flu. This brought out a new HD symptom, missing keys on the keyboard. For example instead of "T" I will hit the letter key to the left of it, the "R" key. When the flu went away I stopped hitting the left key. 

Then a few months later, sure enough, suddenly I started hitting the letter key to the left next to one I want to type on a regular basis.

The woman in this video looks like she walked right off the Pan-Am set!

This time when I started to get pneumonia, I began to repeat words when I typed them. Sometimes I would proofread them several days in a row before I noticed.

Before I log off (its midnight and several naps later I never did see that movie) I need to get some sleep for the night after my two hour nap, I wanted to share a wonderful experience I had with another HD FaceBooker. This person sent me a message in chat about 8pm and we ended up chatting for a couple hours. For those couple of hours, I didn't feel alone in this HD universe. There was someone else out there who understood where I was coming from. 

It was this person's birthday but I was the one who received the gift. Thank you.

As I sign off here is an example how tired I've been  feeling. It takes me three days to get this entry written, and I still don't have the energy to add more than four songs. I want too, I just don't have the energy. However, I'm taking the advice of a fellow author. In basic English. if I think I'm pushing myself, there is s good chance I am. 

Now I've got all the new music on my Droid, haven't listened to it, either. It takes a lot less energy to listen to it, so I'm making a date with some good albums Sunday when I wake up. If I strayed away from Facebook Chat, then I forgot its even open (You have to love those HD memory issues). 

My right shoulder started shaking and it actually woke up J, which is a first. I'm going to let her try to relax it so she can go back to sleep. 


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